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The Predictive Strategy Group

Catapulting Indian Organizations into New Age through
Talent Analytics and Assessments

The Predictive Strategy Group - India, is a Certified Partner of PI-US.

We are driven by passion to transform Indian organizations by using advanced HR Analytics. We use tools like Predictive Index to understand the behaviours, cognitive ability and skills of workforce.

Predictive Index is a system designed to understand the workforce from the perspective of Behaviours or Personality, Cognitive Abilities and Skill Level.

Predictive Index provides a suite of assessments and trainings for understanding these traits in the workforce. Created in 1950s by Arnold S Daniel, PI assessments are now used by over 80 Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

This shows robustness and reliability of the PI system.

Predictive Index
Cognitive Test


Psychometric assessment focused on workplace behavirors and individual's personality traits

3. Sales / Influencing Skills


Learning Indicators is used to determine how quickly one can grasp new concepts and knowledge

PI Assessment

Sales /
Influencing Skills

Uncover the blind spots of each individual so as to conduct right sales trainings and support


Training /

PI sales training is ranked among top 20 sales training in the world by Selling Power Magazine

psychometric assessment
Why to choose us for PI Assessment
The Predictive Strategy Groups

The Predictive Strategy Group, use tools like Predictive Index to understand the behaviours, cognitive ability and skills of workforce. Based on this, we train the HR, Line Manager, Top Management and Leadership of the company to become better in their jobs and more effective in managing this teams. Our extensive experience in consultative selling enables us to provide best sales training to mid and high level sales executives.

Using advanced statistical softwares, we work on the HR big data of the company. We help our clients to derive deep insights from their HR data to predict attrition, promotions, engagement levels and to understand where the issues might be in the company. We believe in the fact that Human Resource is not important for a company but only the right kind of Human Resource is!

Media Coverage

Predictive Strategy Group have media coverages which is being published in most of the business magzines, blog and Newspapers. We have written some informative and researched articles on topics such as "Latest hiring trend, Hiring Analytics" and many more..

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Frequestly Asked Questions

  • Objective understanding of behavioural and cognitive requirements for a doing a job
  • Hiring the candidates best suited for the job
  • Be able to design effective onboarding and training programs
  • Help managers to not only manage but inspire their team and create next line of leadership
  • Help leaders and top management to create apt organizational culture and structure to meet the unique demands on Indian business environment
  • Companies can run psychometric assessment to understand and get actionable information based on the work behaviours, motivating needs and leadership style of their human resources
  • It helped them in identifying their hipos and then creating a development plan for their future leaders
  • What differs their top performers with the bottom performers even when all of them were screened on the same process
  • Be able to create an emotional connect at levels within teams and between team and its manager by going beyond just the skill level talks
We provide complete technical and consulting support to our clients for the whole year after the commencement of partnership.
The genesis lies in the transformation that the founders of TPSG had in their lives due to Predictive Index. Due to PI, the founders were able to change the course of their own careers and work life. Having experienced this transformations themselves, they took it as a mission to bring this clarity and happiness to other orgnizations in India too.
The Predictive Strategy Group, works with wide variety of clients in India. Among our clients are start-ups having a few employees to big corporates having thousands of people on their rolls. Our clients also belong to varied sectors such as Finance, Food Chains, Advertisement & Media, Manufacturing, Consumer Durables, Real estate, Automobile Manufacturing, FMCG etc.
Thousands of assessments and hundreds of people have been trained by us in use of Predictive index and how to become better in Sales.
Behavioral Assessment

Why organizations use Predictive Index?

hiring and selection

Hiring and Selection

Hire for Behavior, train for skills. Customize your company’s onboarding program. Make new hires assimilate better in your company culture.
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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Scientifically Develop your leaders as never before. Determine the perfect coaching plan.
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Predictive Strategy

Discover HiPo's

Separate the performance of your employee from their potential. Identify the HiPo’s and groom them for their next role.
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Sales Growth

Improve sales with appropriate understanding of your sales team in terms of Behavior and sales skills. Use actionable information to train the team in areas of improvement.
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