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The Predictive Strategy Group

We are Certified Partners of Predictive Index (PI-US) in India. We help organizations meet their business challenges using Human Analytics. We bring data driven and scientific approach coupled with our vast experience of Indian business to help organizations attain robust growth.

Predictive Index, USA

Arnold S Daniels
Predictive Index was founded by Boston based Arnold S Daniels in 1955.

Daniels first learned about psychological tests and their power to predict behavior when he worked with the United States Army Air Corps during WWII. His intense interest in the power of predictive analytics made him take a course at Harvard then jobs working for organizational development and personnel management business consultants. He later simplified the format for companies to adopt Behavioral tests to impact business operations. His assesspent product Predictive Index was very successful. Today PI is present in 140 countires and works with more than 8,000 clients, 80 of which are Fortune 500 companies. See the clients

The Predictive Strategy Group is certified partner of Predictive Index - USA.

Meet the founders

Predictive Index India

Vinaya Bansal

Vinaya brings with him more than 15 years of experience of working in various fields and sectors. He has worked with MNCs, start-ups, NGO before embarking on his own venture - The Predictive Strategy Group. Vinaya is an Industrial Engineer from Thapar University - Patiala and MBA from SIBM-Pune. He is a certified PI Behavioural trainer. He has trained hundreds of senior folks, HR heads and CXOs in organization both in the art of selling and in understanding behaviours of people. Vinaya consults organizations to deep dive in human personality, deconstruct it and help people assign best role for them.
Vinaya also provides career counselling and guidance to students of 9th standard to Post Graduation and to professional who have started their careers. View Vinaya Bansal's profile on LinkedIn

Eva Aggarwal


Eva brings with her experience of working with corporates and college students. She is a trained PI behavioural analyst and currently helps organizations in decoding human behaviours for better productivity and to reduce attrition. Her passion lies in working with students so as to help them choose the right career path at the right time. And why is she so passionate about it? Because she herself is a victim of making wrong career choices both at graduation and post-graduation level. It took her 7 years to find her true calling and lot of guts to tread her chosen path. Eva is B.Tech and has done her Masters in Software from Thapar University - Patiala. Apart from decoding human behaviour and careers, Eva's deep interest lies in cooking. In her spare time, she conducts cooking workshops for ladies. She has conducted many such workshops in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Karnal.

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