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Behavioral System

Behaviours are innate and after our formative years they do not change over our work-life. That is why knowing and understanding behaviours of workforce is extremely important. It is infact said that - 'People are hired for skills but get fired for behaviours'. Though we can provide skills to employees from time to time but behaviour is something that cannot be modified. Behaviours or personality traits of a person has a profound impact on the workplace performance. Once behaviours are known, we can predict the level of performance and the challenges an employee is going to face in a given job role. Advancements in science allows us to understand the behavioural traits of a person without even having to meet them. PI is a robust behavioural assessment system which has been in use for last 60 years in 140 countries. It is a managerial assessment tool that provides insight into the workplace behaviours of prospective and existing employees – resulting in improved hiring decisions, succession planning, team performance, overall communication, and workforce productivity.

What all does PI Behavioural system measure

PI behavioural survey allows us to understand 3 aspect of our workplace personality

behavioral assessment india


Self tells us about the natural behavioural traits of a person. This is the unchanging aspect of our workplace personality and gets hardened by the completion of our formative years. This is the most important aspect of workplace behaviours as one is able to perform best when natural self is aligned with the demands of the work

behavioral assessment india


This aspect of analysis provides insight into the changes which an individual is trying to make in their behaviour in response to the work environment. Self-concept is very useful to understand the perception about work that the current employees have and plan out interventions accordingly
behavioral assessment india


Synthesis tells us about how an individual is actually behaving at the workplace. It provides insights about the observable behaviours that one would be able to see in a person. Synthesis and Self-concept are dynamic part of personalities which may change in 6-12 months with change in external work environment
behavioral assessment india


Often organizations rely on global benchmarks to determine competencies required for a job role. But these competencies do not capture the unique requirements of job which are specific to the organization. Job PRO helps HR and line managers understand the specific behavioural competencies that are required for a particular role in their organization. Job PRO takes about 8-10 minutes to fill and can be completed by managers without any training.
behavioral assessment india

Reports and Guides

There are many reports that can be generated from the PI system. Some of these reports are
  • Individual’s PI report
  • Personal Development Chart
  • PI Placard
  • Fit and Gap analysis
  • Interview Guides
  • Coaching Guides
  • Job Analysis Report
behavioral assessment india

Group Analytics (GA)

GA is a unique feature of the PI system. It enables the managers to combine the behavioural data for individuals and get insights into group dynamics. This feature allows organizations to analyse how their top performers look like and how they differ from rest of the team. GA is an excellent tool for top management to determine what sort of interventions are required at team level based on the behavioural competencies.
How PI behavioural system works:

 PI is web based online assessment system. The best part of PI behavioural assessment is that it takes only 6-7 minutes to complete the assessment. This ensures great user experience and the whole assessment can be made a part of the hiring process without elongating the process.


PI Systems helps find the Behavioral Job Fit in the following manner:

Step 1:
Analyze in the beginning the behavioral requirements of the Job (8-10 min – JOB PRO)
Step 2:
Determine the behavioral profile of the person (6 min - PI)
Step 3:
Match the Job profile with the person’s profile to understand the fit and gap
Step 4:
Pull out Interview guides for the questions that needs to be asked by hiring team and line managers
behavioral assessment india

What all does PI Behavioural system measure

One of the unique features of PI is the complete knowledge transfer that happens through our workshops. These workshops are specifically done only for employees of our clients. The program is designed to make clients self-sufficient in the application of PI insights to resolve the business challenges.


Workshop participants learn how to:

It is a behavioral instrument that helps us understand how someone responds to their work environment and people in it. It is quick to administer - it takes just 6 minutes.

Easy to comprehend with graphical representation
Holistic evaluation - both job and individual assessment
Complete knowledge tranfer to make you self reliant and a subject matter expert
Unlimited usage - complete freedom to do as many assessment, use other features of the system and generate reports at no extra cost to company
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