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Hiring and Selection

Hire for Behavior, train for skills. Customize your company’s onboarding program. Make new hires assimilate better in your company culture.

Hire for Behaviors and Train for Skills Hiring is the most important and fundamental activity in building a robust organizations. In current times of VUCA, this activity is core reason that separates a high growth company from others.

What is happening in Hiring as of now - companies have failed to change the hiring system with changing times. Net result - wrong hires, Appreciable time of top management is spent in interviewing people, lost opportunities, and so on.

PI behavioral system transforms the company culture and growth appetite by making organizations understand their core assets - PEOPLE. As behavior gaps are permanent unlike skill gaps, companies need to filter the right candidates right at the begining.

PI behavioral analysis allows recruiters to get right interview questions based on fits and gaps of candidates, thus making the interview more useful in preduicting the performance of the candidate. The insights gained from PI also helps companies in customizing the on boarding programs for new hires in order to better assimilate them in the culture of the company.

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