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3-Step Litmus Test for Hiring Process

Vinaya Bansal
May 10, 2016

Do you have multiple hiring managers?

Try this simple 3-step litmus test to see how reliable is your hiring process across your hiring mangers.

3 Simple Steps:

1. Identify a pool of applicants (10 or more candidates).

2. Ask your hiring mangers to independently conduct interviews for all the identified pool of candidates and select two candidates for recruitment.

3. Ask them to provide top 3 reasons each for hiring or not hiring a candidate

Outcome Interpretation:

-Pass: If majority of your hiring managers pick the same set of candidates for similar reasons, then hurray, you have a good reliable process in place.

-Fail: But if about 50% of your manager’s choice was either different or the reason for making the hiring decision was substantially divergent, then your hiring system has failed the Litmus test.


Failing this test means that your hiring process has more subjective element in it which is bringing in the variations. This makes the selection process dependent on the hiring manager’s individuality and hence can not be termed as reliable process.

Most of the companies think their hiring process is objective and it is the quality of the candidates that has taken a dip. They take solace in the fact that this is how everyone in the industry do recruiting. In order to make their hiring still better, they often add another layer of interview. But can two wrongs make the hiring right? The end result of this is no better then earlier, though the time, effort and resources increases multifold!

So try this litmus test out and see for yourself what needs to be done to make the system more reliable and scientific.

Learn how to do make your hiring process objective and robust.


Vinaya Bansal

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