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Its not only team but also managers who suffer!

Vinaya Bansal
August 24, 2016

Recently  we came across interesting case of misfit manager and struggle of everyone in the team due to it. The client did the Predictive Index (PI) behavioral survey for the manager and the team of 6 people under him. The manger has been into this role about a year back and since then there have been constant complaints from both the levels. It was difficult for the management to understand what is the problem and who is right.

A lot of warnings were given to the manager but it was not producing any visible results. Management was feeling that the said manager is unwilling to change and is not putting any efforts to be more effective team player. They felt he was not serious about his job.

When we analysed the PI of the manger – the client understood that this person has a very dominant personality, he is a guy who likes to have complete control of things and would lead by telling the team what to do. In his personality there was no room for discussion with others as he would have no doubt that what he is thinking is right for everyone. His personality had a 5 sigma spread on scale of 6 sigma, in terms of intensity of behaviors!


But what was interesting for the management was another aspect of personality which PI shows – the SELF CONCEPT. Self-concept is how a person is trying to adapt to the current work environmental as he perceives it. It captures last 6-12 months of change efforts on the part of the person. The Self Concept is a change that is deep and requires both time and effort to bring about in ones personality.

In the current case the manager’s self concept showed that he is actually trying to be much more of a team player, some one who would like to to work ‘for’ others and help them out. He was trying to be much mellowed down in his behaviors with others and try to take everyone in confidence instead of passing off the orders.

But unfortunately since the intensity of his original self was so high (5 sigma) that his best efforts to tone down his dominance and task oriented behavior had little impact on his actual behavior. Inspite of all his internal efforts to change, people still viewed him as a dictatorial manager.

What this meant for the top management was that they could empathize with the manager and struggle he himself was going through in order to fit in the current role. He was a one man army – and individually he could move mountains but with the responsibility of doing work through the team he was equally inept. They realized that he was not a person who is unwilling to change and was trying his best to be able to deliver in his current role. So they now knew that it is beyond the manager to be able to change himself without actually internally breaking up. They realized his sincerity – which they earlier doubted and decided that they need to move him to a new role where he can work independently so as to be an asset for the company rather than a liability.

Predictive Index is all about creating better understanding in a team and organization. It helps everyone move beyond opinions and use data to understand why someone is behaving in a particular way and how will he or she fare in a particular job. It accentuates the fact that we all as individuals are unique and we all can be productive provided we choose the right role in line with our natural behavior.


Vinaya Bansal

(Predictive Index, India – Certified Partners)


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