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Stop the menace of motivational BS……

Vinaya Bansal
April 8, 2016

No one can motivate the other person…. period.

Sounds absurd? What about all the motivational speakers around the worlds earning millions by motivating people or claiming to train the managers in the same art??

All of that is hogwash and especially in context of organizations.

How many times have we seen teams in organizations motivated and doing exceptional work because they all got motivated and inspired by the boss? How many times have we seen the impact of a motivational seminar or talk last for more than a few weeks? Personally, none has lasted beyond a few days for me inspite of my best efforts. And I thought all the while that there is something wrong with me until I discovered that this is the case with everyone else too!

So how can a manager motivate her team? After all that is the most important aspect of a mangers job! Is there a way to do that?

Well the answer to that is

The only person that can motivate an individual is they themselves.

Now this has been happening all the while unknowingly and managers thought that they did something great. But the good news is we can even do it knowingly and consciously!

What a manager or leader needs to so is to understand that motivating needs of the individuals in her team by leveraging human analytics. Once understood objectively, she can then create a work environment which best suits the needs and drives of the person. She needs to fine-tune her own communication to match the style which the person can understand smoothly and which circumvents his natural mental blocks.

For example if a person is driven by competition and likes to have control of his own work then the best way to keep him motivated is provide him as much independence as he requires in his work environment. Do not micromanage this guy.

On the other hand if there is a person who is driven by working with others in a team, who is more collaborative in his approach then best way to motivate him could be providing him a work environment which is relatively free from individual competition and recognize his team approach to work.

Try giving team environment to everyone, you will end up strangling the first group and try providing independence to everyone and you will end up demotivating the second group.

In short we can not motivate anyone against the fundamental behavioral drives and needs that they have been conditioned to. So companies need to STOP all the BS that goes on the name of MOTIVATION. Instead companies need to work on creating enabling ecosystem both at macro and micro level along with the communications styles to suit distinct requirements of each individual at behavioral levels.


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